Feb 26

The Local Wild Life

Nature’s diverse creatures thrive in and around Glenwood Springs. Deer range through neighborhoods, herds of elk recline in meadows, and eagles soar above Glenwood’s riverways looking for their next meal. Catching a glimpse of these and other local wildlife is easier if visitors know where to look and how to behave in the presence of these magnificent animals. Follow these tips of optimal wildlife viewing.

Always follow these tips from the White River National Forest when viewing the area wildlife:

  • Observe animals from a safe distance.
  • Move slowly and casually, not directly at wildlife.
  • Never chase or harass wildlife.
  • Leave pets at home.
  • Respect others who are viewing the same animals.
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • Respect private property.Learn More here http://www.visitglenwood.com/things-to-do/white-river-national-forest/wildlife-viewing