Traffic Engineering & Transportation Planning

Traffic Signal Design
Signal Communication Design
Street Lighting Design
Signage and Striping Plans
Intersection Capacity Analysis (LOS)
Signal Synchronization
Traffic Control Plans
Construction Management
Geometric Design for Major Roadways
Roundabout and Traffic Circle Analysis and Design
Traffic Safety Studies
Speed Zone Surveys
Transit Studies
Truck Studies
ADA Accessible Facility Assessment & Design
Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Studies and Design
Traffic Impact Analysis
Parking Analysis
Neighborhood Traffic Calming Analysis
Corridor Planning & Design
Transportation Safety Planning
Active Transportation Implementation Solutions
Circulation Plan Development and Modeling


On-Call Engineering & On-Site Contract Traffic Engineer

Plan Checking for Signals, Communication, Striping & Signage, Traffic Control, and Street Lighting
Grant Applications
Specifications & Cost Estimates
In-house Staffing ranging from one to three days per week
Response to citizen concerns
Presentation to Councils and Commissions
Construction plan checking
Review of Traffic Studies
Review/Approval of General Plan circulation components
Professional Traffic Engineering guidance on daily traffic flow/circulation concerns

GIS Application

City-wide inventories for:
Traffic Signals
Traffic Signal Communications
Traffic Volumes
Collision Data
Turning Movements
Traffic Management Software Mapping
Street Lighting

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