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Recreational Activities

Whether you seek the top of a 14,000-foot mountain or some other kind of peak experience, Snowmass Village has an all-but endless supply of athletic and cultural activities to keep you excited and engaged. Explore the dozens of activities below, as well as our daily calendar full of events, to find the perfect one (or dozen) for you. Read More>>



Retail & Services

Snowmass Village is full of shops that will keep you in creature comforts during your stay, with both the everyday and the extravagant always close at hand. You can shop for fresh organic veggies, a great bottle of wine, inspired art, and fashion high and low, all while your skis are being waxed.

And when it comes to outdoor gear, Snowmass offers the peak experience. A whole host of recreational shops offer the latest in sporting equipment, where experts help you find the perfect pair of skis, custom fit your new boots, or make

sure your bottom stays dry and your goggles unfogged. A new down jacket or hiking boots don’t just make great souvenirs, they make great memories. No matter which adventure you choose, we’re well equipped to keep you well-equipped.



You may come to Snowmass for the outdoor adventure, but there are plenty of other appetites that we cater to.

In our little village — and scattered over our huge mountain — are more than 35 restaurants, ranging from coffee houses and quick carryout to elegant slopeside dining rooms, as well as swank cocktail lounges and old-fashioned ski town dives.

Each of them has their own twist, delivering flavors inspired by European, Cajun, Japanese, Italian, Pan Asian, and Mexican traditions, as well as plenty of locally sourced, chef-driven menus. And each of these unique establishments is just a short walk, ski, or free shuttle ride away. Read More>>



The Snowmass Village events calendar is proof that this is a place for fun. And music. And adventure, and food, and families, and everything else under the blue Colorado sky. From world-class jazz and free year-round concerts, to Winter X Games and grueling cycling and running races, to culinary and cultural festivals, Snowmass is a place where big things happen..